Digital TV antenna Guide

April 20, 2015
USD 9.99

The information in this manual has been gathered from some of the most experienced TV antenna installation professionals in the country and compiled by Channel Master® field engineers. It is intended for technicians who are, or plan to become professional antenna installers. Any handy "do-it-yourself" consumer can mount an antenna, run transmission line and pull in some kind of a signal. Back in the 1940s, TV antennas were actually manufactured by hand at the installation site. Each antenna was assembled, piece by piece, at the customer’s home. Channel Master eliminated this time-consuming labor by introducing the first preassembled TV antenna, providing excellent reception in all areas and at reasonable prices. Today medium-to-high gain, broadband antennas are essential for good reception. Even the most expensive color TV or FM stereo receiver can’t perform to full methods and procedures for properly installing TV and FM antennas

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