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November 7, 2015
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Over the air Posted by: Uneekarts from: on There were some assembly issues with this in that the plastic base and metal grid did not "lock" into place as easily as it should have but other than that no real issues. I first placed the antenna behind my TV and ran a channel search which only gave 3 channels. That wasn't going to work so I moved it to the floor about 5 feet away from the TV, ran a rescan and got 25 channels which is about what I expected. I intend to mount this outside on my SAT dish pole once I turn that stuff in and expect better reception there. I'd say the antenna has worked as well as expected and mounting location is critical for picking up good signals. This antenna is a middle of the road price wise and expect it to last and perform well. Happy with is so far.

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Very good antenna Posted by: Robm from: on I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this OTA antenna for our new house. I had tried using the flat amplified antenna's and they did sort of work, but resulted in choppy video and drop outs. I mounted this antenna on the side of our house, 30 feet up, facing due north. From my address there are two primary broadcast areas, one about 30 degrees west of north, and another location 25 degrees east of north. Although I could have selected either and gotten a perfect signal I opted for the middle so I could receive more channels. My reception is crystal clear and perfect from all but one channel, but for us this is minor and not worth complaining about. We are very happy with how this antenna works and would recommend it to friends.

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WORKS for my best channels well within 32 miles Posted by: mikep5802 from: Washoe Valley, NV on I bought this open-box item at Best Buy yesterday ($20 savings). I'm in a ground-level apartment, with no outdoor-facing walls facing south, where my broadcast towers are located (30-35 miles away). So, an indoor antenna performed only fair (missing some channels). I set this Direct ClearStream 2V unit up on my patio facing south (5' high, no pole). it's working perfectly! I'm now getting ALL the best local OTA digital channels. The picture-quality is amazing (OTA digital quality is better than cable because it’s not compressed). Combined with my Roku, I'll never go back to paying a cable company $90 per month just for 150 channels, most of which I do not watch. Be a cord-cutter!

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Clearstream 2V Packs Punch for Small Antenna Posted by: TheKMan from: on Clearstream 2V C2-C-VJM - Great Reception and decent price For a Small Antenna Just follow assembly instruction steps and it is easy to put together. Clearstream's newer models cure a major shortcoming of compact OTA antennas - little/no VHF-high(chan 6-13) capacity. People need to know that VHF is still part of the digital broadcast spectrum. UHF performance, of course is as great as it was on earlier versions of this model. I now get in an ABC affiliate to compliment the ABC flagship station where I live. I still recommend installing it as high as possible to maximize channels recieved with it in your area.

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Don't wake up in a roadside ditch, CUT THE CORD! Posted by: JC103 from: Georgia on Great buy, just wish I'd purchased it earlier. The HD that's received over the Clearstream seems to be a higher clarity over the cable or satellite, guess those guys have a higher compression ratio on the signal, not sure. I'm in the Atlanta area and I've got the antenna mounted in the attic and I'm about 30 miles from the source and still pulls in around 18 channels. The antenna assembles in minutes, very easy to do. Solid construction and easy to follow instructions, not that you'll need them. It even comes with tar strips in case you want to mount the unit on top of your shingle roof. If you're thinking about ditching your cable or satellite company, this will do a great job, haven't even missed it!

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Easy set up and performs fantastic Posted by: JPSC from: on I have read a lot of reviews and was very concerned about the performance. I did buy a Mohu Leaf 50 and it did well but best reception was when I held it outside. I had to turn and flip the antenna to get all the channels that I did want and had to move based on which ones I wanted to get. Ok, not fun when settling to watch our favorite shows. Sooooo.took it back and got this one. It performed fairly well on the back porch but performed the best in the attic. (Live in two story townhouse) I was able to hang in the rafters and find several positions that worked to get maximum channels. After running the channel search, I got multiples of network stations which was great since they show slightly different programming. Easy to install and tapped into the coax that was already run for cable. Channels are very clear (some interference from time to time on a couple channels) and steady. We get enough programming and movies that we really do not need cable. Do miss some of the news channels but it is probably better for my health. I have read peoples issues with it but I have not had any problem. Good luck.

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Antenna got all the local channels with preamp. Posted by: HamPilot from: on The antenna was easy to assemble. I was able to tie it into the existing cable TV wiring built into the house by replacing the original external cable feed with the antenna feed. The signal was not strong enough for all rooms in the house. I installed a preamp in the cable box powered by 12 volts that was on the coax running from the TV. All rooms have good picture now. Beware the antenna is fragile and not likely to last through a major storm or icing. Given the option, I would have installed it in the attic.

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Great antenna Posted by: Rkmhollis from: on I tried the indoor long range antennas and has very spotty results. I tried multiple locations and multiple rooms without consistent luck. So, went for the outdoor antenna. This antenna did very well. At first I received a handful of channels, but after calling the support line, and actually speaking to a human almost immediately, we changed the direction ever so slightly and I pick up over 40 channels now. I live just south of Charlotte, NC and this extremely light antenna works great. Strongly recommend, but before mounting, if possible, connect it and place it approximately where want it to test. I also connected this directly to my home panel in outside of house and works perfect on all three of my tv's. My only hesitation in 5 stars, is no matter where I aim it, I cannot pick up ABC. But that is what Hulu is for!

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Not Bad Posted by: Bump from: on We had the rabbit ear antenna first and it just wasn't enough. We bought this and got additional channels after installing it on the roof and setup was complete. Its much cheaper than cable and Directv! As far as I'm concerned, there's not much to watch these days anyway. We've reverted back to the "boob tube" age.
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