Indoor HDTV antenna

November 19, 2015
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Don't be put off by the cheap price, works great! Posted by: lynfen from: on We cut the cable last spring and haven't missed TV, since we can watch online. But now we want to watch football on local channels, so I reviewed several antennas and came across this one. Yes, it's inexpensive (cheap), but BB customer service said to keep the box in case we wanted to return it. No hassles and they didn't try to push us to a more expensive item. FYI: We live in a metropolitan city of 400, 000 with no mountains around us. We have a 2011 model Vizio HDTV and the antenna set-up took less than 10 minutes. Put the antenna together in a snap, screwed the coaxial cable that comes with the antenna into the TV, scanned the channels and we got 22 of them, including ABC, CBS, NBC, three PBS channels and a lot of others that come in clear and crisp Not sure how it would work in your area, but it is worth trying. Keep the box if you're worried about having to return it. We are completely satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend the product for those who don't need 200+ channels of mostly unwatchable cable shows.

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Ok Antenna Posted by: MsSyb from: on So glad I did not listen to the Best Buy Associate on this product. First off, he did not acknowledge me as I stood looking clueless in front of the tv antenna section. My Mom had to follow him to ask for assistance. Then, he didn't even wait for me to ask my question, he came over and said, "Everyone has been returning all of the indoor tv antennas because they don't work." He then pointed to the most expensive indoor tv antenna (about $200) and said, "That's the only one that works." And he turned and walked away! How rude! Needless to say, I decided NOT to listen to him and I purchased this Insignia Indoor HDTV Antenna on sale for $14. While I did not get all of the channels, I did get most of the major network channels (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, and ION to name a few). So much for the Best Buy Associates recommendation, not to mention his lack of professionalism, and poor customer service.

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Great - Cheap and Effective Posted by: Jmart from: on I read a bunch of reviews online about many different antennas. I settled on this one as most said to avoid overly expensive ($45 and above) as they bring in the same amount of channels. I'm glad I listened. While I can't compare a more expensive model to this one (my personal advice would be to start cheap until you find one that matches how many and what channels you want) what I can tell you is that this brought in all the channels I wanted and then some (30+ all in HD). There was some minor troubleshooting/fiddling as my local ABC kept cutting in and out, but a little adjusting took care of that. And if you adjust properly, you might get even more channels than you originally had first hooked it up. I got exactly what I wanted out of this antenna.

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Best Bang for your Buck Posted by: RobR from: on I had already bought an antenna that is supposed to be paper thin and put on the wall with a range of 50 miles. I didn't pick up anything with it in multiple locations. This one was a fraction of the cost and was picking up multiple stations that were supposed to be way beyond my reach. For the price of this you can't beat it.

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Excellent product Posted by: Proshan from: on I tried three other indoor antennas before this: Mohu 50, RCA ANT (Both purchased in best buy) and one viewtv flat from amazon. The only one good was mohu but it cost around $75 while some channels had laggy videos. Then I gave this one a try. I am surprised with the results. Mohu ($75) while place on window pulled 27 channels and this($13) pulled 28 channel sitting right under the TV and no choppy videos. I highly recommend this product.
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