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April 11, 2016

Selecting the proper Channel Master outdoor antenna for your location is easy with the proper information and tools. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have jointly created a tool to help the consumer select the best TV antenna for their location. Factors such as the distance you are from the TV station transmitter, the transmitting power of the TV station, and the terrain between you and the TV station transmitter are all taken into consideration in determining the antenna needed. They have developed a color coding system that gives an excellent guide to antenna selection. All of this information is on the web site. Once all the requested information is submitted to the web site, it will provide a list of all of the available TV stations at your location, the direction and distance to those stations, and the color code for the antenna needed to receive those TV stations. You can find the corresponding color codes to each Channel Master antenna when viewing the individual product pages, or by viewing the antenna specification chart at the end of this article. In general, TV antennas rated for Yellow, Green, or Light Green are good for receiving signals from TV stations up to about 30 miles from your house. TV antennas rated for Red and Blue are designed for homes up to about 45 miles from the TV station, and TV antennas rated for Violet are good for up to about 60 miles. It is possible to receive signals over greater distances, but many factors will impact the quality of the received signals.

The following chart provides descriptions of the different color codes for TV antennas:

Color Code Antenna Description
Yellow A Small Multi-Directional Antenna is recommended in Yellow color code areas. Signal strength is highest, so small antennas that receive signals equally well in all directions work very well. Indoor antennas work very well in Yellow color code areas, which are usually 10 to 15 miles from the TV station transmitter.
Green A Medium Multi-Directional Antenna is recommended in Green color code areas. Signal strength is still good, but weaker than in yellow areas. An amplified indoor antenna may also work in Green color code areas, which can be up to 30 miles from the TV station transmitter.
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