Digital TV antenna for Sale

November 26, 2017
Cignal Digital TV Antenna
Works for UHF not good for VHF Posted by: ITHero from: Sioux City, IA on PLEASE make sure you don't have VHF stations in your market before you buy this antenna. This antenna style is ok for picking up UHF stations but isn't optimal for VHF, that's not to say it won't pick up VHF but it probably won't. I'm the Chief Engineer at a VHF TV station and I've had several viewers unable to get our signal with this antenna and after swapping it out for much cheaper rabbit ears they were able to get our station just fine. Do a little research and make sure any TV antenna you buy is rated to receive channels 2-13 (VHF) and channels 14-51+ (UHF). For indoor antennas that is the old style rabbit ears with the hoop in the middle and can be had for much less than the fancy "HD" antennas. Even if your antenna doesn't say it's "HD" you'll still get a full HD picture. Also, make sure if it has a built in amplifier that it can be turned off or bypassed. Some times the amplifiers can cause more problems than they solve. If you are in a UHF only market than this will probably work ok for you but outdoor antennas are a better way to go if at all possible.

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great antenna Posted by: Doc8425 from: on so we finally got fed up with the high price of cable for 500 channels that no one watches. this antenna has allowed us to receive anywhere from 31 to 45 channels in the local area. It s not a multi-directional antenna and must be pointed in the general direction of the signals. we chose to go halfway in between 4 different stations and get a decent signal. make sure to use the booster that is included as it will make a huge difference. the HD channels are supper clear and are in Dolbi Digital 5.1.

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It works Posted by: wires1958 from: St. Louis, MO on I cut Directv and went to OTA TV. I live in a wooded area 19 miles away from the transmitters. First I tried the cheap RCA antenna for @ $16. It did work except for when it got the leastl breezy outside and the trees would move, then I got distortion. So then I bought the ClearStream Micron XG Indoor Long-Range Digital TV Antenna. I like the stand it comes with. I had to tape the RCA to the window. The ClearStream I put on the TV stand facing in the direction of the transmitters. Finally I have good reception! Plus the HD is excellent on those channels that broadcast it. I receive 24 channels. I highly recommend this antenna. But, if it gets stormy it will distort occasionally, but so did Directv. Now, everybody's situation is different. But if you buy it at Best Buy you have 30 days to try it and can return it if it doesn't work for you.
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