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August 6, 2015
Buy Digital TV Antenna (Black)

Amplified vs. Nonamplified Antennas
If you live in an urban area, you probably live close to a broadcast tower and can choose a nonamplified or passive antenna. However, if you live more than 25 miles from the nearest tower or if your home is surrounded by obstacles like trees, hills or other buildings, you may want to invest in a powered antenna with an amplifier to pick up weaker broadcast signals from more distant towers.

Directional vs. Omnidirectional Antennas
A directional antenna allows you to aim the antenna in the direction of the nearest tower to get clear reception. These antennas are ideal for suburban and rural areas. Omnidirectional antennas receive signals from multiple directions, allowing you to place your antenna in any direction without losing signal. It's ideal to be within 25 miles of a tower for an omnidirectional antenna.

What About 4K?
Right now, there is very little 4K content delivered over the air, so check with your local broadcasters to see what is available. Remember that you must also have an antenna that receives a 4K signal and a 4K Ultra HD TV in order to watch this 4K programming.

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